Using wap_t_applet_config in your applet

You have probably seen wap_applet_new_instance function before as you was trying to make your first applet and saw wap_t_applet_config applet_config. Here is little tutorial how to use it to make your applet configurable.

if (wapi_key_exists(&applet_config.root, "your_name")) {
    _wap_t_config_variable *variable = \
        wapi_get_var_from_table(&applet_config.root, "your_name");
    const char *name;

    if (variable->type == WAP_CONF_VAR_TYPE_STRING) {
        name = wapi_var_as_string(variable);

As you can see, this is very simple code. Checking if key exists, checking variable type and packing it into our string. There is more wapi_var_as functions, go to AAPI reference for more.

Some keys are reserved, they start with __. Here is a list of them:




Height of panel which applet is contained in

Basically, there is nothing more for you to know. You can eventually use wapi_error and wapi_error_print to handle more errors, but if everything is checked before you will be safe.